Fulton County Commission Chairman gets 24-hour security due to ongoing threats

The chairman of the Fulton County Commission said threats against his life have become so violent his police chief recommended a 24-hour security detail.

Due to the signs of the times, Chairman Robb Pitts now makes public appearances with security in tow. But he said he will not back down from defending Fulton County elections as being honest and accurate.

Chairman Pitts said his death threats started after the November 2020 election and although they have quieted down a bit, his police chief has told him to expect them to increase again as we move into the Midterm Election season.

"It really reminds you of some of the stuff you read about when people were threatened, beaten up and even killed for trying to vote," said Pitts.

He said the death threats he has received following the 2020 Election, remind him of a dark time in American history. The chairman said over the last year he received threatening voice-mails and emails that are sickening.

He shared one of the 50 or so correspondence with FOX 5:

"Thank you for being so f---ing stupid and crooked that you got caught in the middle of this massive election fraud. The penalty for treason is death. Do you have a preference for hanging, firing squad or execution?"

Pitts said Georgia became ground zero for the Presidential Election and the balance of power in the Senate. It is a spotlight he said will continue.

"Georgia and specifically Fulton County, we delivered the victory to Biden, we delivered the victory to Senator Ossoff and Senator Warnock, so, we will be on the minds of everybody nationwide and even internationally during this upcoming election season," he said.

With someone throwing a firebomb into Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington's office and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis investigating the former president and asking for protection, Chairman Pitts is taking security more seriously, but he will not back down.

"The pressure on Fulton County is going to continue. The attacks on Fulton County are going to continue. The more they attack Fulton County, the more I am going to defend the people's right to vote in Fulton County," he said.

Pitts said the Fulton County police chief and county manager sat down with him several months ago and offered him a 24-hour security detail. He said me he uses it whenever he interacts with the public and expects the threats to intensify, the closer we get to election season.