Family of woman killed after being ejected from Lamborghini in Buckhead launch independent investigation

Family members of a young woman who died a mysterious death involving a Lamborghini have now taken steps to find out what happened to their daughter.

The family has hired attorney Chris Stewart to investigate and ultimately hold anyone responsible accountable in civil court. 

"They're in mourning right now, which is where we take over and handle this type of situation so they can just focus on mourning," Stewart explained. 

It was back on October 10 when Catherine Kahn was ejected from that Lamborghini.

Kahn's family hired Stewart soon after to conduct an independent investigation and piece together exactly how the 28-year-old woman died.

"We get brought in to investigate what happened and run parallel to the police department because we find our own information a lot of times. We find our own witnesses that they haven't found or information we can pass along to them," Stewart told FOX 5 News. 

Catherine Khan

28-year-old Catherine Khan, who died after she was ejected from a moving Lamborghini, police said.  (Family photo)

It's information that can help investigators determine whether Kahn was pushed out of that Lamborghini or fell out.

Stewart didn't want to say much about what his team has gathered so far but did want to make this one point.

"Anyone in the public that's been watching and saying ‘Oh, she overreacted or she was too upset about being robbed of her money being taken,' there was a sentimental value to what happened. The wallet that was taken was her grandmother's and meant a lot to her," he mentioned. 

Just as Kahn's loved ones laid her to rest on Tuesday, the man accused of her death, Alfred Megbuluba, face a judge for felony murder and theft by taking charges.

Police released 911 calls from witnesses who were on the scene that night.

Detectives said Megbuluba was driving the vehicle and the two were arguing when, according to witnesses, khan was ejected from the car.

"We typically get brought in to try and put the pieces together - to see who's responsible for this, to see if there’s other people responsible besides Mr. Megbuluba and see what happened and why this happened. This happened outside an establishment. It happened in the middle of the street," Stewart detailed. 

Megbuluba's defense attorney said his client is not guilty of the charges against him.

The attorney went on to say evidence at trial will show that Kahn may have been intoxicated and jumped or fell out of the vehicle on her own accord.

FOX 5 asked Stewart about his response to that statement.

He said "I’ll leave that between the lawyer and the prosecutor to battle that part out."

Stewart said they are still gathering information right now regarding Kahn's death. He said the family is holding a celebration of life in her honor on Thursday.