911 calls reveal frantic moments after woman ejected from Lamborghini in Buckhead

A pair of 911 calls made just after a woman was ejected from a moving Lamborghini in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood Monday night capture bystanders crying for help in reviving her.

The Atlanta Police Department said 28-year-old Catherine Khan was in an altercation before the incident. First responders rushed Khan to a hospital, but she died of her injuries. 

Homicide detectives are trying to determine if Khan was pushed out of the moving car.

The first call to 911 lasted four minutes, 31 seconds and the second was eight minutes and 19 seconds long. FOX 5 Atlanta transcribed relevant audio on both calls. 

The first caller said they saw a woman thrown out of a Lamborghini through the roof near the intersection of Peachtree Road NE and Piedmont Road NE outside of a Rooms To Go. They said she was in the middle of the road while he called 911. 

Catherine Khan

28-year-old Catherine Khan, who died after she was ejected from a moving Lamborghini, police said.  (Family photo)

"We're on the side of Rooms to Go, near (Ice Box Jewelry & Watches), someone just got thrown out the car just now," Caller 1 said.

Caller 1 said the woman was injured in the middle of the road before he is transferred to EMS. 


"There was a grey Lamborghini that was driving," Caller 1 said. "There was a fight, there was an altercation. I guess the Lamborghini took off and she was thrown out the car from the top of the roof. … They, like, pushed her out."

Woman ejected from Lamborghini

Police investigate a woman ejected from a white Lamborghini.  (FOX 5 Atlanta)

The caller tells dispatchers that the Lamborghini's license plate said "BULL RUN." The caller said they were attending to the woman in the street.

"Breathing, but unconscious, maybe," they told the dispatcher. 

The caller was explaining he witnessed the incident happen minutes before calling when he cuts himself off. 

"Is that the Lambo, right there?" Caller 1 said. "That was it right there."

The caller claims they saw the suspect's car while on the phone and saw it driving away. 

"The Lambo is going down … on Piedmont Road, right now, toward 400," they said.

Initially, the caller said the woman was conscious and breathing. Their tone changes seconds later.

"She's unconscious right now, there's blood," the caller said. 

The call continues for about a minute as dispatchers send first responders to the scene. A person in the background of the call confirms the license plate of the Lamborghini said "BULL RUN" in all capitalized letters. A dispatcher asks the caller to stay on the line when it ends abruptly. 

A second caller contacted dispatchers. They said they're trying to help but there was bad traffic. 

CALLER 2: "Here come the police."

DISPATCHER: "Ma'am stay on the phone, please."

CALLER 2: "I think people are running off that hit the person. … It's really bad right now."

DISPATCHER: "We already have help on the way." 

CALLER 2: "Somebody just got hit by a car, I don't know if they are conscious or not but there are a lot of people that pulled over on the side of the street to help them."

DISPATCHER: "Don't hang up the phone, stay on the line for me."

CALLER 2: "I'm not, I'm standing in the middle of the street with a bunch of other people trying to help him, or her."

DISPATCHER: "Are you with the patient now, ma'am?" 

CALLER 2: "Yeah, somebody is trying to, like, help them. The people that hit them just ran away though."

CALLER 2: "Y'all need to get a paramedic, like, ASAP."

DISPATCHER: "We already have them on the way. I just need to get some further information from you. I need you to answer to the best of your ability."

CALLER 2: "I just saw these people in the street and wanted to help them, I didn't see the actual accident."

A few minutes later, Caller 2 can be heard talking to someone who identified themselves as Caller 1 and passed the phone to him. 

CALLER 1: "I was on the phone on the other line and my phone died." 

DISPATCHER: "Tell me exactly what happened."

CALLER 1: "There was an altercation … I went off and I saw her in the front seat of the Lambo, the Lambo went right by me, then they threw her out the car out the top of the roof."

The caller says the woman was still breathing. 

DISPATCHER: "Is the assailant still nearby?"

CALLER 1: "No they took off."

Minutes later, the tone of the call changes. 

CALLER 1: "I think she stopped breathing." 

DISPATCHER: "OK, if she stopped breathing I need someone to do CPR, OK? I'm going to give you instructions. Put me on speaker. … I understand there's an officer on-scene, but I need someone to take over this scene and start doing CPR. … Is the officer doing CPR right now?"

CALLER 1: "No, it's two civilians right now." 

DISPATCHER: (Chattering in the background) "Listen very carefully, make sure we're doing this correctly — I need everyone listening to me, OK?" 

CALLER 1: "The fire department just got here."

DISPATCHER: "The fire department might be still getting out of their truck. I want you to let me know when they're right there with her."

(Shouting gets louder)

DISPATCHER: "Sir, what's going on?"

CALLER 1: "The fire truck just got here and they're telling them to come on."

DISPATCHER: "Listen to me very carefully, you need to keep doing CPR. Let the chest come all the way up between pumps — sir?"

CALLER 1: "Sorry there's a lot of yelling."

DISPATCHER: "I understand it's hard to hear. Listen to me, sir. The fire department is getting out of their vehicle. I need you to still do CPR."

CALLER 1: "The paramedics took over, they told us to back up now."

APD said officers found Khan in the roadway and she was taken to a hospital. Homicide detectives are involved. 

Detectives said it's too early to know if someone pushed Khan out of the Lamborghini. They're looking at nearby surveillance video and talking to witnesses, hoping to piece together what happened.