Ex-Trump special prosecutor defends Fani Willis relationship on the 'Daily Show'

Former Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who led the investigation into the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump and his supporters, sat down with comedian, actor and producer Marlon Wayans for an interview on a new episode of "The Daily Show" on Wednesday. Wayans didn't hold back.

In the segment titled "Choppin' It Up With 'Quon," Wayans immediately brought up Wade's romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Wayans: "What was your first thought when you had the affair with Fani come public between you and her?"

Wade responded by clarifying that it was not an affair, stating Willis is a "respectable mother" and a "brilliant mind."

As Wade described how much time they spent together, Wayans responded, "How can you not hit that?"

Wade defended the romance, noting that Willis was not his boss but his client since he was contracted by Fulton County. He also defended his work on the Georgia election interference case.

In another exchange, Wayans asked Wade, "Did you think this could get messy? Or were you like, nah, I'll be all right?"

Wade responded, "We did not have that type of relationship right at the outset and we were interviewing other people for the position."

Wayans then humorously demonstrated a couple of sexual positions and asked, "What position was it? Did it look like this? Or did it look like this?"

Wade was hired by Willis to lead the investigation in Georgia on Nov. 1, 2021, which also happened to be one day before he filed for divorce from his wife.

When Wayans asked if the relationship might ruin the chance to hold Trump accountable for attempting to end democracy, Wade pointed out that the indictment was secured under his leadership. However, he didn't address what may happen to the case now.

Wayans next asked Wade what advice he would give kids. Wade responded that he didn't know if he had any advice on workplace romances, but wanted young Black men to know they could achieve whatever they put their mind to. He also talked about his pride in being a Black father, a Black (former) husband, and Black man. 

The interview didn't sit well with many on social media.

Wade resigned in March after the relationship with Willis became public after a disqualification motion was filed by one of Trump's co-defendants, Michael Roman, in January. The motion accused Willis and Wade of having an "improper" relationship and Willis of benefiting financially from the case.

Willis and Wade initially kept quiet but eventually admitted the relationship during a hearing in Fulton County in March. However, it was never made clear when the relationship began. Wade testified it started around March 2022, and Willis said it started slightly after that, but doubt remains about the truthfulness of their answers.

Timeline: Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Nathan Wade controversy

 Judge McAfee ultimately ruled that Willis could remain on the case if Wade stepped down. Wade resigned a few hours later.

Trump's team has filed an appeal of Judge McAfee's decision to allow Willis to remain on the case with Georgia's appellate court. They are scheduled to hear arguments on Oct. 4. The court is not required to decide on the case until March 2025. Until then, they issued a stay on the case against the defendants involved in the disqualification motion, meaning that Trump will not go to trial in Georgia before the November election.

Wade's motivation to appear on high-profile programs to talk about his relationship with the Fulton County district attorney is a mystery.

On June 12, Wade appeared on CNN's "The Source." That interview didn't go quite as well as the one with Wayans. When Kaitlan Collins questioned Wade about when his relationship with Willis began, he was interrupted by someone on his team. Wade took off his microphone for a brief huddle before continuing the interview. After returning to his seat, he was less willing to discuss dates. There was definitely a lack of laughter during that grilling. 

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In early May, Wade sat down for an interview with ABC News. During that interview, he described the relationship with Willis as a workplace romance and defended it by saying workplace relationships are "as American as apple pie."

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He also appeared on MSNBC. During that interview, he claimed that his relationship with Willis did not damage the case against Trump. 

Wade was scheduled to appear on NBC's "Meet the Press" in March but reportedly canceled because of a family emergency. 

Wade says that he and Willis are still very close and speak almost daily. 

He attended her election night party and was also present at a speech she gave last week at a church in Marietta, where Willis talked about the personal attacks she has endured, complained about how her name is mispronounced by "idiots" in an attempt to humiliate her, and how she is busy working 15-hour days trying to fulfill her "God-given" purpose. The romantic relationship between the two has supposedly ended.