Fulton County DA Fani Willis talks about challenges she faces during church speech

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has taken steps to prevent her removal from the prosecution of Georgia's election interference case. Willis has filed a motion to block the state Court of Appeals from considering efforts to disqualify her from prosecuting former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

"My focus is always on justice and holding anyone who breaks the law accountable," Willis stated. "I work hard every day to serve all of my constituents without exception and to ensure that those who break the law in our community are held accountable."

Thursday morning, Willis spoke at a church conference in Marietta. Although she did not directly address the election meddling case, she touched on themes related to the challenges she faces in her role. Speaking at the Turner Chapel AME Church, Willis highlighted issues of criminal justice, legal system inequities, race, and the personal attacks she has endured.

Willis refrained from discussing the specific appeal filed earlier this week but emphasized her commitment to justice and accountability. She also mentioned that her name is often mispronounced intentionally. 

"I'm so tired of hearing these idiots call my name as ‘fanny’ in a way to attempt to humiliate me," Willis said. "Like silly schoolboys, the name reminds them of a woman's rear, of her behind." 

During Thursday’s speech, she told the crowd her focus was her job. 

"I am too busy working 15-hour days trying to use every talent God gave me to fulfill my God given purpose," Willis said. 

At the church meeting, Willis says her goal is to make sure the law serves everyone equally. 

"Lady Justice works hard every day to serve all of her constituents," she said. 

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After concluding her remarks, Willis left promptly, heading back to Fulton County. Former special prosecutor Nathan Wade was in attendance but did not participate in the discussion.

During an interview that aired on CNN on Wednesday, Wade was interrupted by a member of his team before he could answer a question from Kaitlan Collins about when his relationship began with the Fulton County DA. 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Wade were accused of having an "improper" relationship by one of Trump's co-defendants, Michael Roman, in early January.

Timeline: Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Nathan Wade controversy

After more than two months of drama and a hearing, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee issued a ruling that allowed Willis to remain on the case if Wade resigned.


Following the ruling, Trump and several of his co-defendants filed an appeal with the Georgia Court of Appeals. They are now planning to hear oral arguments on Oct. 4. They are not required to submit their ruling until mid-March 2025. Until then, the case can't move forward against those defendants. Even then, either side will have the right to appeal if they do not agree with the appellate court's decision.

After the DA's office filed her motion, Trump's attorney Steve Sadow blasted the move. In a statement to FOX 5 Atlanta, he called it a last ditch effort.