Ex-officer charged in Susana Morales' death now charged in 2019 Snellville burglary

Miles Bryant, the former Doraville police officer accused of killing Gwinnett County's 16-year-old Susana Morales, is now facing new charges in a burglary connected to the alleged stalking of another woman.

A former classmate of Bryant's who spoke to FOX 5 in mid-February accused Bryant of stalking her and breaking into her home in May 2019. She said the incidents happened before Morales disappeared in July 2022. Now she wonders if the teen would still be alive today had her case not been dismissed.


Elesha Bates, 21, told FOX 5 that she has known Bryant since the fifth grade.

"We grew up together," she said.

A neighbor shared Ring video with Bates, showing a man lurking around her door on several occasions, tugging on the doorknob. Back in February, Bates told FOX 5 that she believed Bryant broke into her apartment one time while she was not home, sharing photos of her damaged front door.

Bates said she feared for her life and reported the behavior to both the former officer's employer, the Doraville Police Department, and the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Doraville Police claimed it underwent an administrative investigation. Officials said Bryant was spoken to and the behavior had stopped. Doraville Police said they told Bates to report any potential criminal charges to the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police said investigators closed Bates' case against Bryant due to a ‘lack of leads’. They reopened it in late February after receiving new information.

Authorities said Bryant tampered with a locked bedroom window during the break-in.

He now faces first-degree burglary charges in Snellville.