DOJ make 4 arrests in 'romance scams'

The Department of Justice charging four people this week and they are calling them “romance scammers.”

Investigators said in one case, three of them targeted a widow on a dating site, pretending to be a general in the army.

Investigators said 28 victims nationwide lost more than $2 million.

Meanwhile, investigators said Nnamdi Mgbodile was operating a completely separate romance scam in Cobb County using the name, “Jimmy Deere.”

In 2018, investigators said he convinced a Virginia woman that before they could start a life together but needed her help with finalizing a business deal.

In one month, investigators said the victim made 25 wire transfers of more than $6 million from her trust fund to accounts controlled by Mgbodile.

“You never imagine your next-door neighbor could be doing something,” said Marietta resident Jrshad Syed.

No one lives there now but according to public records, Mgbodile was a registered car dealer at a Marietta home, during the time investigators say he was running the scam.

“I did see cars from the dealership but I didn’t know much about who lived there,” said Marietta resident Nina Gibson.

Neighbors said they never suspected anything was going on.

Investigators said it’s still unclear where the money went and what it was used for but they believe once the money was in his account he transferred it overseas to accounts in China and the Middle East.