New body cam footage shows deputies save K-9 officer's life after shooting

FOX 5 Atlanta obtained exclusive video of the heroic efforts to save a K-9 officer who was shot during a confrontation with an armed suspect in Coweta County. Thankfully, K-9 Kilo is expected to make a full recovery.

The body camera video shows Kilo surrounded by Coweta County deputies working as fast as they could to staunch blood loss from a bullet wound to his right shoulder.

In the confrontation with an armed motorist following a high speed pursuit and crash, Kilo had been ordered to rush forward and apprehend the man who deputies say was pointing a gun at them.

"I believe with every fiber of my being that the dog saved officers' lives, and less than 10 minutes later they were trying to save the dog’s life," said Sgt. Toby Nix of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

The vet who later treated Kilo at Sweetwater Veterinary Hospital credited those critical minutes of first aid with saving the canine’s life.

Coweta County K-9 handlers had recently taken a course in first aid, including trauma care. They had no idea they'd be using their training so soon.

This past week, Kilo received a medal of valor for his heroics that day. As he continues to recover from the through-and-through bullet wound, vets say he may be strong enough soon to return to duty.

"We are super excited that he's done so well, and we hope that he'll be released and ready to go back to work soon," said Sheriff Lenn Wood. "He is very strong. He's been one of our best crime fighters out there on the road, and I really appreciate everything he does for us."

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Coweta County's K-9 Officer Kilo

Deputies tell FOX 5 the entire incident started when 27-year-old Anthony Richard Fields roared past deputies on I-85 at 119 miles an hour. They say he refused to pull over.


When deputies eventually blocked his car, he got out and pointed a handgun at them as Kilo rushed forward. Deputies shot Fields and he died at the scene. He reportedly received first aid treatment as well.