Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin submits resignation

Felicia Franklin is resigning as a Clayton County commissioner, according to a letter sent to Gov. Brian Kemp.

The letter states that her resignation will be effective June 30, and she wanted to give him "ample notice" in case he needs to appoint someone to fulfill the remainder of her term.

Franklin says she has been presented with an "opportunity" that she "must" take advantage of.

FOX 5 Atlanta reported in November that Franklin was being ousted from her position as vice chair for the Board of Commissioners after a questionable video featuring the commissioner was released. 

The incident supposedly happened in September. Franklin claimed she was given gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), known as the date rape drug, at a bar in Morrow. The video showed Franklin passed out on the ground outside of the bar. Franklin said she would be working with authorities to ensure that justice was served and that she would advocate for improved safety measures at events like the one she had attended.

The Morrow Police Department said they found no evidence to support that the commissioner was drugged. However, cannabinoids or cannabis did show up on the commissioner's drug test.

Franklin recently came in third place in the race to replace Jeff Turner as chairman of the commission. Fellow Commissioner Alieka Anderson and former Clayton County Tax Commissioner Terry Baskin are in a runoff for the position.