Third suspect charged in Atlanta woman's murder, disappearance

Three men were named in a 13-count indictment handed down by a Fulton County grand jury in connection to the death of 24-year-old Allahnia Lenoir.

Lenoir was last seen at a midtown apartment complex in late July.

Previously, Steven Oboite and Diante Reynolds were the only named suspects in the case. Now Atlanta police say a third suspect, Nicholas Hendrickson is also being charged for his role in helping the two dispose of her body.

Nicholas Hendrickson (Atlanta Police Department) (Supplied)

Oboite and Reynolds face a number of charges including felony murder.

Lenoir’s mother Jannette Jackson told FOX 5 she was somewhat relieved to learn about the new arrest, but not surprised to find there was more to the story.

"I’m not shocked because it never felt like an accident," Jackson said.

Steven Oboite (Atlanta Police Department)

Steven Oboite (Atlanta Police Department) (Steven Oboite (Atlanta Police Department))

According to Fulton County court documents, Oboite and Reynolds provided Lenoir with opiates that night inside an apartment.

Investigators believe when she showed signs that she was in need of medical attention, the two men avoided calling 911 in an effort to cover it up.

The indictment goes on to say Reynold’s secured a lease on the apartment they were in using a fake name and identity.

Diante Reynolds (Atlanta Police Department)

Diante Reynolds (Atlanta Police Department) (Diante Reynolds (Atlanta Police Department))

"Now, you’re back tracking trying to say she did this to herself," Jackson said. "Well, if she did, then why are you guys running? Why is there a fugitive? Why won’t you tell the police where she is?"

The court documents say Hendrickson helped the two men move her daughter's body and then lied to investigators when he was asked whether he had taken a trip to Alabama on July 31 the day of the alleged crime. 

Hendrickson is not facing a murder charge.

Jackson says while Oboite is still on the run, finding her daughter’s body and getting justice for Allahnia will continue to be her family’s focus.

"I wanted the same thing I wanted on July 31st," Jackson said. "Where is she?"

Oboite remains on Atlanta Police Department's top ten most wanted list. If you have any information about him, give detectives a call.