5-year-old moved from ICU one day after surgery to remove brain tumor, parents say

Five-year-old Ezra King's surgery began Wednesday morning at Children’s Scottish Rite Hospital

Parents say the worst-case scenarios have not materialized one day after a Cherokee County boy's surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Five-year-old Ezra King's surgery began Wednesday morning at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite. Things weren't all smooth sailing, according to the child's parents. In a Facebook post, Ezra's parents said a surgeon told them the boy was at "significant risk of deadly stroke" multiple times before surgery. Ezra was moved to ICU after surgery on Wednesday, but he's now been moved to the neurological floor, Ezra’s mom Ramona King said. 

Wednesday night was a long one for the boy's parents.

"Last night was a wild ride. It was full of pain, pain meds, vital checks, and other issues," according to the Thursday afternoon Facebook post.

Doctors moved the child in part because the ICU is mostly occupied by patients with respiratory viruses that could put Ezra in danger if exposed. 

Ezra may have lost some vision, but isn't completely blind, Ramona King wrote. 

"Our biggest thing right now is that he is on a never ending loop of asking the same 5 questions," the post says. "Travis and I have had to take turns with this all night and morning. Whew.

Even though it has been rough, we are incredibly thankful that he is stable. Thank you Lord!"

Ezra will likely have an MRI on Friday.

Doctors diagnosed Ezra with brain cancer at 18 months. His parents had no idea if he’d survive. 


Ezra had significant vision loss and lost the ability to speak or swallow. He had to relearn how to walk.

Ezra has endured chemotherapy.

Ezra’s dad, Travis, is an officer with the Woodstock Police Department. The department last week honored Ezra as a junior officer

 Ezra will likely be in the hospital on his 6th birthday, Sept. 13. He said he wants to be a doctor or a police officer, like his dad, when he grows up.