Matt Lieberman full interview

FOX 5 Senior Anchor talks to Matt Lieberman, who is one of the Democrats running in the special election to fill the open Senate seat in Georgia.

The Panel - The Senate races

The Panel discusses Georgia's Senate races and early voting with FOX 5 Senior Anchor Russ Spencer on this week's The Road to November.

Georgia voters debate impact of final presidential debate

There's no doubt Georgia is a battleground state in the last stretch of the 2020 presidential race--which is why Donald Trump's son and Joe Biden's running mate spent Friday courting Georgia voters at rallies from Atlanta to Macon.

The Road to November - The panel discusses the VP debate

The Road to November panelists Brian Robinson from the Robinson Republic, and Tharon Johnson, the CEO of the Paramount Consulting Group discuss the vice-president debate with FOX 5 senior anchor Russ Spencer on The Road to November on Oct. 9, 2020.

Your Take: The vice presidential debate

More substance and a lot less hostility are the takeaways for a group of Georgia voters who watch the vice-presidential debate Wednesday. While the five Georgia voters FOX 5 spoke to said they were far more pleased with the tone of the debate compared the former President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden’s first debate, they differ on which candidate came out on top.

Your Take: First presidential debate

Panelists believe the first political match-up between President Donald Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden showed American voters everything they need to know about the men who want to be your next president.