Meet the Kyle Busch super fan who went viral

Every now and then a fan gets the surprise of a lifetime from their favorite athlete.

That is exactly what happened to Darienne Breazeale when she received the chance of a lifetime and met Kyle Busch in race traffic.

The exchange was recorded on video and has received over 20 million views.

"It took me a second, as you can see in the video, I look and gasp," Darienne Breazeale said.

Busch had Breazeale toss her hat over to sign it.

Breazeale said she called everybody and was crying the whole way home.

Breazeale saw the video on Facebook and commented saying she was the one in the video and sent a picture with the autographed hat on.

Busch invited her and some friends to his next race in Bristol, Tennessee where she formally met him and took photos together.

Breazeale said after the race she was going to place the hat in a safe place.