VIDEO: Suspect walks off with elderly shopper's purse

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Security cameras at a Ralph’s store in Burbank, California show what appears to be a woman stealing an elderly customer’s purse when her back is turned.

When the elderly woman's back is turned, the suspect waits to make sure she cannot be seen and then bends over, grabs the victim’s purse from under her scooter, and walks off.

Shoppers say they couldn't believe that someone would be that cruel.

“I don't even know what I would do. I would be so angry and so, so disappointed in humanity that you would stoop that low to do something like that,” one shopper said.

Another said this after watching the video: “It's totally awful. I can't believe that that happened just that quickly.”

The suspect left in a white sedan. She dumped the woman's purse but kept her ID, credit cards, and cash.

LA Crimestoppers hopes someone will turn the suspected thief in.