Ukrainian man in Georgia unable to return home as his family flees from Russian attacks

A Ukrainian man is unable to return home due to flights cancellations as the Russian invasion continues. 

Yaroslav Malko’s trip to the US was only supposed to last a couple of weeks. He was scheduled to a head back home on Saturday. FOX 5 spoke with him with the help of an interpreter.

"None of us ever thought they'd hit the entire country," Malko said. 

Malko said his wife and kids have fled the capital city of Kyiv. Like many others, they are now moving from city to get to the country's western border and enter Poland. 

He said it hasn't been an easy journey for them.

"Yesterday, Sunday, eight times there were bombed in the city they are right now. So eight times, they were going down to the bomb shelters," Malko said.

He said he is getting regular updates from his family.

"This is the most scary feeling I've ever had in my life," he said. 

Malko said he has no choice but to watch helplessly as his own family flees from danger, and as the country he loves becomes a battle zone.

"They're killing civilians, innocent people, children, elderly, and they're lying to their own people in Russia," Malko said.

He said the destruction is undeniable, and it'll take a long time to rebuild. However, he said this tragedy has unified the citizens and government officials. He said civilians are fighting to defend their county and the spirit of the country is stronger than ever. 

"I am so proud of my people and my country. They're not afraid to fight against evil," Malko said.

Malko said Ukraine needs more protective gear and ammunition.

He said people who wish to help can donate to the National Bank of Ukraine to help support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.