Tow truck driver's murder: Surveillance video released during trial

Prosecutors say a man opened fire at a DeKalb County gas station, killing a tow truck driver who was an innocent bystander.

The deadly shooting happened as two men got into an argument over money.

The trial for the accused shooter began Thursday.

Tow truck operator Christopher Harrold was training a new employee last year when that new employee and another man got into an argument.

Bullets started flying and the tow trucker owner, who had nothing to do with the dispute, was killed.

Prosecutors showed jurors video of the deadly shooting at the Chevron on Memorial Drive in May 2022.

DeAndre Dean was the new employee who was driving the tow truck. When Dean noticed Victor Richardson, the two men started arguing over money Dean said Richardson owed him for a car. Prosecutors say the argument escalated to gunfire.

Witness Dean told jurors what happened, while an attorney for defendant Victor Richardson says Dean fired first, and the shooting was done in self-defense.

"I saw the barrel of the assault rifle. I ducked and fired back," Dean testified.

The defense was able to show several gaps in Dean’s testimony during cross-examination.

Prosecutors called the shooting unacceptable violence. The tow truck owner was a husband and father of five.

The murder trial will resume Monday.