Thieves steal thousands from trucking yard

They cut their way into a Clayton County trucking firm and hauled off thousands of dollars of high definition televisions. Now, the company owner is trying to find a way to stop it from happening again.

The thieves, with bolt cutters, first snipped the wire fence and then cut the chain gate to get into the yard of big rigs at DH Transportation in Conley.

“They take the truck in and try to cut two trailers and so far we found only two trailers they cut into,” said Jimmy Nguyen, the owner of DH Transportation.

He said the crooks passed on the first trailer they cut into, leaving behind washers, dryers and refrigerators.

“They cut it open and look inside,” said Nguyen. “[But] they don't like what they find.”

Undeterred, the brazen burglars find another big rig, parking in between semis to conceal themselves.

Police suspect a lookout car stood by as they broke into a second trailer, stealing thousands of dollars of 50-inch High Def TVs, taking about 31 in total worth about 17 to 20 thousand dollars.

He believes they likely stopped at 31 because the big rig driver noticed their commotion while sleeping in the cab.

“They took off, so he ran and tried to get the license plate,” said Nguyen.

He said since opening in 2011 thieves have broken in five times, stealing everything from office supplies to furniture. Last year he chased them off.

“I just shot, shot in the air, let them run away,” said Nguyen.

As owner of the Conley-based trucking firm, Mr. Nguyen, originally from Vietnam, is trying to live his American dream, made harder he says when people keep stealing from him. Mr. Nguyen said he is going to increase security, again

Clayton County police said they have a vague description of three men in a rented truck.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Clayton County Police Department.

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