Temps are cooling at Fulton Jail after power loss, but inmates’ families still boiling mad about conditions

The air cooling system at the Fulton County Jail was partially fixed on Monday, but family members of people locked up there still said they were still fuming.

On Friday, storm damage took out the HVAC system. All weekend high temps have been hovering near 90. 

"They’re sweltering in there," said Keisha Carter, who said her brother was behind bars. "Can you imagine those little cells as hot as it is in there? It’s crazy."

A county spokesperson says a tree fell on a propane tank Friday, making it dangerous for workers to fix the electrical system that powers the cooling system. By Monday afternoon, the jail’s chiller was back online, but that didn’t mean it instantly got comfortable.

"I just got off the phone with him about five minutes ago, and he said the air is still not on," Carter said. "It’s hot, it’s overcrowded. People are sleeping on the floors."

Carter says her brother has been locked up since the end of May on cocaine possession along with other misdemeanors. Jail records FOX 5 tracked down back that up. 

After several inmates’ deaths, Carter said she does not think her brother is safe in Sheriff Pat Labat’s custody.

"It’s too hot out here. You have to deal with the heat outside, to have to sit with those conditions," she said.

The meltdown of the jail’s AC system comes during a meltdown of the entire Rice Street facility. The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the conditions and safety of people incarcerated there – after a man’s body was found being consumed by insects.


"Just because they’re in there just because there anyway, they shouldn’t be treated with such inhumane conditions. It’s ridiculous."

Monday marked 10 days since Sheriff Labat committed to allowing FOX 5’s cameras inside the jail to see things firsthand.

FOX 5 will continue to follow up daily.