Suspect caught on camera trying to break into cars in Snellville

The search is on for a thief who was caught on home security video trying to break in to cars in Snellville.

Brent Fowler captured the night prowler on video early Saturday morning. He said he knows of at least six break-ins within recent weeks in the area of Bridgewood Lane within recent weeks.

The thief or thieves take anything of value they can get their hands on, he said, including a pistol.

"They’ve taken wallets, and other unknown items," Fowler said. "I do believe from previous weeks and reports of this same individual, he has come across at least one firearm."

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Fowler said that gun is still missing. A detective for the Snellville Police Department said the break-in attempt at Fowler’s house was the only one reported to them over the weekend, but more thefts might have occurred in unincorporated Gwinnett County, since the community borders on the town’s line.

"The individual appears to be on foot," said Fowler, who has lived on Bridgewood Lane for more than thirteen years. "Based on the security camera in the street, I don’t see a car around that same time coming in and out of the neighborhood."

In the video captured on Fowler’s cameras, mounted above his garage door, the suspect walks up to his two cars, peers through the windows, and tries to wiggle the handles to see if they’re open.

Right now, investigators are focusing on the bookbag the suspect is wearing, which appears to be a Nike Jordan Air Patrol backpack. The person also appears to wear a headlamp.

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While police investigate, Fowler said the neighborhood is doing some sleuthing of its own on Facebook to identify the person.

"We access what’s available via social media," he said. "We share everything we personally have access to. But we actually have a private or confidential Facebook group where we kind of share information outside the eyes of the public."

Snellville police ask anyone with information to email Lt. McKinney at

"It’s personal, right," Folwer said. "I realize there are greater crimes out there, but this person in the last few weeks, there’s no telling how many families he’s affected."

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