Calls to fix 'dangerous' South Fulton intersection after 3 deadly crashes in 2 months

Community members are demanding more be done immediately to protect pedestrians and drivers.

Tuesday evening, South Fulton residents gathered near what they call a "dangerous intersection" to voice their plea for swift action.

About 20 people gathered along Bethsaida Road near Jonesboro Road to speak about several issues they believe is plaguing this area like poor lighting, limited visibility for drivers, and speeding.

"We've lost children," Carolyn Wright, who got emotional as she began to speak, said. "We've lost the elderly. We have lost more people than we should have lost." 

Three lives were stripped away in an instant along Jonesboro Road in the last two months.

"They were my neighbors of 32-years, and they were my friends, and I'm still devastated," Lula Gilliam said during the news conference. 

People were left devastated after learning their neighbors, a husband and wife, were killed earlier this month when investigators said they tried to turn left from Bethsaida Road onto Jonesboro Road.

And in March, Joshua Love was the victim of a hit-and-run crash as he walked home from a store along that same intersection.

"The number one thing we need is somebody to hear these people," community member Cobie Brown detailed. "We need somebody that's gonna stand up, listen for a change and understand what's going on." 

September Cooper went on to ask "how many more people are going to get killed before anybody does anything?"

Tuesday, community members gathered along Bethsaida and Joshua Way urging leaders on all levels of government to address what they call a dangerous intersection.

They want to bring more awareness to problem and urge immediate action in the form of strategies and solutions to address this critical issue. 

"We're asking for speed monitors," community member Linda Pritchett explained. "We're asking for cameras to be placed up there. We're asking for flashing lights. We're Asking for a traffic light." 

Along with those most recent deaths, residents said constant accidents and near-misses have happened for years.

Fire officials have also previously said about accidents happening along this corridor.

"We need immediate action" Pritchett detailed.

In a statement, a city spokesperson said:

"The City of South Fulton is developing a streetlight master plan for our major corridors. The plan, which is in the public input stage, will allow us to identify intersections where accidents are more likely to happen and concentrate efforts on making those as safe as possible. In the meantime, our police department is focusing enforcement on these intersections to slow traffic. The city also is working on a sidewalk plan for the Old National Highway corridor to ensure the safety of pedestrians."

FOX 5 also reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation to see how they're addressing these concerns but haven't heard back.

"We're tired in South Fulton. We're really, really tired. I know I am," Wright said.