'Shelter in place' lifted after arrest of 3 suspects in Spalding County, deputies say

Spalding County deputies arrested three suspects after they said shots were fired in the area of West Ellis and Moon Rd, leading to a 'shelter in place.' (Spalding County Sheriff's Office)

Spalding County Sheriff's Office said that three suspects were arrested and a shelter in place was lifted in connection to an earlier vehicle pursuit and shots fired.

Officials reported that the incident occurred on Sunday after reports of heavy law enforcement presence in the area of W Ellis Rd. and Ellis Crossing in Spalding County, leading up to a ‘shelter in place after the sheriff's office stated that shots were fired, and a subject is armed. 

The ‘shelter in place’ was lifted when the sheriff's office reported around 2:19 p.m. that they believed two other suspects were not in the area and one suspect was placed in custody.

Officials reported that the scene was closer to West Ellis and Moon Rd instead of Ellis Crossing.

"Griffin Police Department, Georgia State Patrol and Fayette County Sheriff's Office are assisting with the search.," the Spalding County Sheriff's Office said.

Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix took to Twitter at around 3:10 p.m. and stated that "all three suspects have been apprehended. Additional information will be released later."

Photos of the three suspects were released by authorities, but the identities of each individual are currently unknown.

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Photo of suspect one in connection to a 'shelter in place' caused by shots fired closer to the West Ellis and Moon Rd area, deputies say. (Spalding County Sheriff's Office)

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