Security expected to be tight at Fulton County Jail as former President Trump surrenders

Former President Donald Trump is expected to turn himself into the Fulton County Jail on Rice Street Thursday.

There’s already media from around the world camped out. There’s added security as well. All of that is expected to be turned up a notch as former President Trump prepares to surrender.

While all the specifics have not been made public, FOX 5 talked to a former Secret Service agent to get his inside knowledge of what is likely to happen.

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Ray Moore was a Secret Service agent for 33 years. He says most likely a motorcade will take the former president straight from the airport to the jail.

"He’ll come into a secure location in the jail and move by elevator or stairwell to the location where he’s going to be fingerprinted. Wherever he’s moving, the hallways will be cleared, there won’t be any inmates, no extra employees, only those who need to be in proximity to him," said Moore.

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Moore says what won’t be clearly visible is the coordination by law enforcement agencies.

"You’re going to have the GBI and FBI conducting intelligence to make sure no bad actors are going to do anything to harm the police or to try to get closer to former President Trump," said Moore.

Moore says the former president’s entire trip could be a short as 90 minutes. Whether he’ll make a statement on his way in or out of the jail is a tossup.

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"I don’t think his attorneys will want him to talk, but that doesn’t mean he won’t talk," said Moore.