Atlanta police officer accused of Lyft driver's murder denied bond

A former Atlanta police officer has been charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection to the death of a ride-share driver waived his first court appearance Thursday.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, they were made aware that Koby Minor of Morrow was arrested May 15 by the Union City Police Department.

Union City PD says their officers responded to a shooting call at approximately 12:40 a.m. near South Fulton Parkway and Stonewall Tell Road.

Upon arrival, they found an unresponsive male who succumbed to his injuries.

According to the incident report for Minor, the police officer was lying on his stomach in a surrendering position when police arrived on the scene of the shooting.

Minor told police that a ride-share driver had picked him up at an Atlanta police officer's home. As they were traveling east on SR 14, the driver reportedly began talking on the phone in an unknown language. Minor then said that he thought he heard another voice in his ear, but did not specify what the voice said to him.

Minor told police that he asked the driver to stop the car, but the driver did not stop. When the car finally stopped at a red light at Stonewall Tell Road, Minor tried to unlock and open the door, but it would not open.

Minor claims that the driver then turned around and attempted to reach into the back seat. Minor said that he didn't know if the driver was gay or not, but when the driver was reaching into the back seat, he could not see his other hand.

At that point, Minor reportedly reached for his gun and fired approximately three rounds. After he fired the shots, he somehow broke the window and got out of the vehicle.

According to the report, before the police arrived, Minor waved down another driver on the road for help.

He told that person that the Lyft driver was in a gay fraternity and was trying to recruit Minor into it and that he believed he was being kidnapped. He also apparently told the other driver that he had shot the ride-share driver in the head.

A family member has identified the victim as Reginald Folks. He was a resident of East Point. 

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The victim's mother, Marchelle Folks, says she had not talked to the police since the shooting, and had a lot of questions about what happened. 

"Had no idea it was a cop that killed him, not until someone sent us the article," Folks told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes. "It's devastating and on top of it, a black police officer is even worse to me." 

The New Jersey native moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University in 2007 and began to pursue his passion for wrestling on the pro circuit a few years ago. He trained at a facility in South Fulton. 

"Devastated and confused, my main emotion. I can't understand it still," said trainer Thomas Ballister. 

Folks' fellow wrestlers are devastated. 

Jason Spector, victim's friend says, " It's tragic that this is how it had to be for him, that he had to go out this way," said friend and fellow wrestler Jason Spector. 

Lyft sent the following statement to FOX 5:

"Our hearts are with Mr. Folks' loved ones as they confront this unspeakable tragedy, and we have reached out to offer our support during this difficult time. We stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigation and have permanently banned the rider’s account from the Lyft community."

Atlanta PD says Minor resigned immediately.

APD officials said Minor was hired in 2018. 

Minor was on unpaid administrative leave at the time of the shooting after being arrested in Milton in December 2023 on drug-related charges. 

Minor is being held at the Fulton County Jail.