Second arrest in Newnan restaurant theft involving child

Authorities have made a second arrest in a case involving a mother accused of instructing her 7-year-old daughter to steal a purse from a busy restaurant and skipping out on a big dining bill. 

The Newnan Police Department credits a FOX 5 viewer with helping them identify Kenya Butler of Union City last March. Butler is accused of encouraging her daughter to steal a purse from a booth at the Juicy Crab restaurant in Newnan. 

At the time, police were also seeking a man involved in the incident who allegedly left without paying the group’s $500 bill. This individual has now been identified and arrested, thanks to evidence left behind at the restaurant. 

Police say Keishawn Butler was tracked down through a cash card he reportedly left at the scene, bearing his name. He has been charged with theft of services and is identified as the brother of Kenya Butler. 

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The Newnan Police Department released this video of what investigators say shows patrons of the Juicy Crab restaurant skipping out on the bill and encouraging a young child to steal a purse from a nearby booth before leaving. 

Surveillance footage from the restaurant allegedly shows Kenya Butler leading her child to an unattended booth. The child is then seen taking a purse, holding it, and walking out. Kenya Butler has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and theft by taking. Authorities emphasize that the daughter is not facing charges. 

The video also reportedly shows a group of five adults and eight children leaving the restaurant after the purse was taken. Police say Kenya Butler admitted that everyone in the group was aware they would not be paying the bill. 

Keishawn Butler and Kenya Butler

Keishawn Butler and Kenya Butler 

With the arrests of the brother and sister, Newnan Police have announced the case is now closed.