Registered sex offender nabbed again over Peeping Tom allegations

A registered sex offender has been arrested in Metro Atlanta for the second time in three years for spying on women in stores.

Newnan police say a woman caught Jesse Kirk, 39, peeping over the wall to her dressing room in Target and chased him from the store.

"When officers arrived, she gave them his vehicle information, and they were able to identify him within minutes of the incident," Detective Renee Edwards said.

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Jesse Kirk, 39, seen on surveillance entering Target store.

Police said they nabbed Kirk days later as he attempted to walk into the Peachtree City Target store. Police said they’ve searched store footage and have not found evidence he broke the law there.

But headlines show that the 49-year-old Kirk is no stranger to these accusations. FOX 5 reported in August 2019 that Kirk was caught taking upskirt photos at the Costco in Brookhaven.

According to the GBI, Jesse Kirk is a registered sex offender who lives in Chamblee. Records show Kirk was convicted in California of assault to commit rape in 1999. He served time.

This is the second case this week of a Peeping Tom in Newnan. FOX 5 reported on Monday, a different man was accused of video recording upskirts and under dressing room doors at several Newnan stores. In that case, police arrested 34-year-old Jesse Kline.

Jesse Daniel Kline

Jesse Daniel Kline (Newnan Police Department)

If you're worried about your privacy in store dressing rooms, police say the best defense is to keep your head on a swivel. If you're shopping with a family member or friend, have them stand outside your dressing door. Watch out for people standing or following too closely.

Police credit the victim at Target with giving them Kirk’s vehicle information. They say that vigilance allowed them to identify him.