Photos: Rainbows spotted after severe storm moved through Georgia

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Viewer Pattie-Ann shared a photo of a rainbow in Fayetteville.

After severe storms moved over north and central Georgia, some residents walked outside to find sunshine after the ominous clouds passed.

The conditions produced rainbows throughout the state, including Hall County, Henry County, and Coweta County.

While some people escaped catastrophe, the storm was deadly and produced multiple confirmed tornadoes.


Property damage is also rampant across the state. 

How do rainbows form?

Rainbows need sunlight and rain in front of the rays. 

The raindrops need to be spherical, which is common.

Light refracts when it enters the raindrop.

Rainbows are common weather phenomena, but the conditions required sometimes only last for minutes. 

FOX Weather contributed to this report.