Police release suspect sketch in I-285 road rage shooting

Dekalb County Police have released a sketch of the man they say shot another man on Interstate 285.

The road rage incident happened  August 31 near the Moreland Avenue exit.

It’s a long road to recovery, but Shane Doby is just happy to be alive. Someone shot Shane in the face as he was headed from McDonough to Stone Mountain Park with his wife.

“Trying to ease back into normal life as much as possible,” Hannah Doby said.

Dekalb County Police are calling this an act of road rage.

The bullet hit Shane's face and came out the other side but somehow he was able to make it to the Bouldercrest Road exit for help.

“I’m doing good. As good as possibly can be,” Shane Doby said.

Shane is still in a lot of pain but he was able to talk through zoom.

“I’m not looking back at it. We have a lot to do,” Shane said.

Up next, Shane has a big surgery scheduled for September 24.

“They will wire his mouth shut. They will have to break his jaw in order to realign it. His lip won’t fully come down so the only way for them to do that is to stitch it to the bottom lip,” Hannah Doby said.

This couple hopes the sketch of the man responsible will bring forth justice.

“Our only hope is that someone will recognize him,” Hannah Doby said.

If you know anything about this shooting call Dekalb Police.