Police believe women wanted for thefts are behind several others

Days after Town and County boutique clothing store re-opened for business in Madison, two women stole the owner's wallet from her office.

Ginger Gardener, the owner, tells FOX5's Alex Whittler she’s especially upset about her stolen wallet, not because the thieves racked up more than a thousand dollars’ worth of charges, but because of the priceless items, she fears she’ll never get back.

After all, you can’t put a price on a handwritten letter.

"It was one of the last notes my mother gave me before she passed," Gardner said.

Gardener said that letter and photos of her kids were always with her in that wallet.

May 6, just days after reopening her business to try to make a living amid the coronavirus, Gardener said two women came into her shop.

One b-lined straight for her office.

"I asked her what she was doing in there," she said. "She was very apologetic," Gardner said. 

"I started to give them the benefit of the doubt because they had a bag from the jewelry store," she said. "It eased my mind."

Gardener said the two stayed in her store to discuss tuxedo rentals for several minutes. 

Madison police said minutes later, the women purchased $1,800 worth of gift cards at a nearby Walmart and stole from another small shop in Greensboro the same day.

Police believe the woman pictured on their Facebook page in a Rolling Stones T-shirt, was also involved in a spree of thefts FOX 5 first reported in February. 

Carroll County investigators asked for the public’s help identifying three women who they said stole from a nurse at a nursing home.
Also in February, Covington Police released this showing the same alleged thieves using stolen credit cards at a Walmart in Newton County.

Investigators believe the women started their spree in Newton before targeting a store in Paulding County.

If you recognize these women, give Madison police a call.