Police: 'Backyard creeper,' accomplice arrested for Clayton County burglary

A Rex family is relieved after police say a man who was captured on surveillance video peering into their home was arrested Friday.

Marco Antonio Ushry, 35, was arrested by the Clayton County Police Department just hours after FOX 5 News ran video of a man creeping around the backyard of a home along Amberly Road on Dec. 16. Police said just five days earlier, someone broke into the house and stole a gun, electronics, and Christmas presents from under the tree.

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Marco Antonio Ushry (Clayton County Police Department / Supplied)

That firearm is the same one police believe was being twirled by the man caught on surveillance video in the backyard. That is also the same handgun police said they recovered when they took Ushry into custody.

In addition, police said they arrested 37-year-old Quincy Montez Yarbrough, who investigators said helped Ushry in the burglary.

Quincy Montez Yarbrough (Clayton County Police Department / Supplied)

Police are crediting the county’s Targeted Interdiction General Enforcement Response Unit (T.I.G.E.R.) and the United States Marshal’s Office in helping to apprehend the suspects.

Investigators have not yet released what evidence led them to Ushry and Yarbrough.

Ushry was charged with burglary, peeping tom, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Yarbrough was charged with burglary.

It was not immediately clear if either man has retained legal counsel or when their next court appearance is scheduled.