Rex family concerned after creeper recorded in their backyard

Clayton County police are searching for an armed creeper recorded on video peering at a family inside a home at a Rex neighborhood.

The resident who lives there is doubly concerned because just last week somebody broke into his home, stealing Christmas presents, electronics and a firearm. The creeper is seen on video twirling a gun in the backyard of a family.

“He’s twirling the gun right there. He has no common sense how to hold the gun so he could hurt any number of people,” said the resident, who didn’t want his face shown.

He said he is doubly concerned because a week and a day ago while he and his wife were at work someone broke in by breaking down the back door. Christmas presents from under the tree were stolen along with electronics and his firearm from the bedroom closet. He suspects the guy on video is also the crook who took the weapon and other items.

“He’s came back and I think that’s what he’s after to get into somebody else’s house. Maybe this can help my neighbors out so they don’t get hit they can be on the lookout,” he said.

The man said when the armed creeper was recorded on video his wife, young daughter, his sister and her friend, were a few feet away as he peered at them through an open slat.

“He was just watching them holding a gun looking at them. Thankfully they are OK, thankfully nothing happened to them,” he said.

Clayton County police told FOX 5 News they are trying to determine if the man recorded on video could be the same one who broke into the home earlier. After the first break in the man who lives here installed cameras and other security enhancements. When FOX 5 News came by was upgrading again to make sure his family is protected.

“Maybe somebody out there like I said that knows him or seen him can help out. It’s just a sense of helplessness that I don’t wake anybody else to feel,” he said.

Clayton County police said me patrols have been heightened in the neighborhood and other areas because of the potential of increased crime during the holidays.