Officials: Numerous security breaches when officers were killed by two inmates

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The Georgia Department of Corrections confirms there were numerous security breaches that occurred when two prison guards were killed by two inmates back in June.

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The Putnam County inmates used a toothbrush to unlock an unsecured padlock on the prison bus, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Commissioner Gregory C. Dozier addressed the media on Friday and released new information about the inmates escape in June, and new procedures being used in the department moving forward.

Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe are accused of killing two Georgia corrections officers. They two inmates escaped on June 13 from a prison bus on Highway 13 in Putnam County.

Dubose and Rowe surrendered near Murfreesboro, Tennessee after law enforcement officials said a day-long crime spree for the pair ended at the end of a gun of an alert homeowner.

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The breaches included a breakdown in how the prisoners were searched,  the failure to double lock inmate handcuffs, lack of continual supervision on the transport bus, lack of securing padlocks on officers compartment and lastly, the officers did not wear a ballistics vest as required by standard operating procedure. 

The first was a breach in search, in which the inmates allegedly were able to sneak out the toothbrush.The second was a breach in cuffing, and that the handcuffs were not secured properly.

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The third was that the inmates were not continuously supervised. Dozier detailed two occasions when the inmates were left alone. The fourth breach came in the padlock on the security gate not being properly secured. Dozier said that the inmates unlocked the gate twice, once to steal food and drink from the officers, and another to escape.

The FOX 5 ITeam and reporter Randy Travis reported this week that an unlocked door is being blamed for allowing two inmates to gain access to the restricted area of a prison bus.

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Dozier detailed changes to the protocol, which will include trail vehicles for all inmate transports. There will be video surveillance throughout the bus, not just in inmate compartment.

He also said transport officers will get annual refresher training, and the department will do an annual audit focusing solely on inmate transport.

The bus departed at 4:53 in the morning June 13. According to the report, the Post Orders for Baldwin State Prison's transfers requires that prisoners during darkness, unless there is an emergency or the trip, is approved by the Warden.

The DOC confirms no special permission by the Warden was granted.

Funeral for slain correctional officer held Saturday

An examination of the bus revealed There are 13 interior lights on the bus, but only one was working. This may not have impacted whether the murders took place, but it certainly allowed several inmates on the bus to move around freely and have their handcuffs unlocked by inmates Dubose and Rowe.  

The overall reward for helping capture Dubose and Rowe reached a total of $130,000, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says $20,000 has been rewarded so far with information that led to the apprehension of two escaped prison inmates.

When the two inmates appeared in court after their capture,  the judge denied bond, and a prosecutor said in court that Dubose and Rowe face what he called "clearly a death penalty case."

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Authorities said Sgt. Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue were shot and killed by two inmates during a prison transport last Tuesday.

Monica, 42, started with the Department of Corrections in October 2009 working as a correctional officer at Hancock State Prison. He was moved to Baldwin State Prison in February of 2011 where he quickly rose through the ranks, being promoted to sergeant.

Billue had been with the DOC since July 2007 stationed at Frank Scott Correctional Facility. About two years later, he transferred to the Georgia Diagnostic Classification Prison. Sgt. Billue worked at Baldwin State Prison for two years until March 2013 when he joined the Transportation Unit in Milledgeville, Georgia.

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