Officer nearly hit head-on by suspect drunk driver while taking DUI suspect to jail

A Peachtree City officer was almost hit head-on by a woman suspected of drunk driving this past weekend.

Peachtree City Police say their drunk-driving arrests have increased over 200% since 2019. On a recent Saturday night, they arrested four drunk driving suspects. That’s a lot they say. And one officer was driving a DUI suspect to jail when he was almost hit head-on by the next one.

Peachtree City Police apparently having a 2-for-1 deal on drunk drivers this past weekend. Corporal Noah Wootten was headed to the Fayette County Jail after arresting a man suspected of driving under the influence when he noticed a pair of headlights heading straight for his patrol car on State Road 54.

He turns on his blue lights and comes to a stop, as a car crawls along a concrete median dividing the east and westbound lanes.

Cpl. Wootten turned his patrol car around and followed the woman. Police say even the guy locked up in the back of Wootten’s patrol car seemed amused.

Police say Wootten found the car crashed at the end of a street off Highway 54.

Other officers arrived and took the woman into custody. Police say the driver was highly intoxicated.

The car comes at Wootten, and police say without that median and oncoming car stuck on it, the officer might have been hit head on.

FOX has reported on the rise in DUI cases in many communities including Peachtree City. Last March, a pickup truck driver passed out at a stop sign in the middle of the day.

The driver in Cpl. Wootten’s video has been charged with driving under the influence.