New details about 'dangerous' Newton County suspect in deadly hit and run

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Deputies in Newton County are releasing details about the vehicle an “armed and dangerous” Newton County suspect wanted after police said he ran down and killed a special needs man following a one-way altercation the Fourth of July may be driving.

Joshua Anderson, 27, may be traveling in a 2005 Toyota Highlander investigators said Monday. Anderson may be in the company of 31-year-old Kendra Browning. There are conflicting reports on if Browning went with Anderson willingly, but deputies confirmed to FOX 5 News on Sunday a missing person case had been filed by one of her family members. Deputies and family members both have said

Anderson is described by deputies as being 6-feet-1-inch tall, weighing about 250 pounds with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Deputies describe Browning as being 5-feet-6-inches tall, weighing about 135 pounds, with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Anderson faces charges of malice murder, aggravated assault and duty to stop at the scene of an accident, according to deputies. Those charges stem from a death of 20-year-old Kevin Marshall Thursday afternoon.

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Around 4:30 p.m. on the Fourth of July, deputies said Marshall went over Browning’s home on North Lake Drive. Marshall’s mother told FOX 5 news this was something he son, who said suffered from ADHD and had the mentality of a 13-year-old, had done many times before. She said he liked to go play basketball with the children at the home. Investigators said at some point during his visit, Anderson and Marshall got into a scuffle, something many people who spoke with FOX 5 News called a one-way altercation.

Investigators said bystanders were able to separate the men and both were asked to leave. Marshall walked away, while deputies said an enraged Anderson drove off in his gray 2001 Toyota Tacoma extended cab. Deputies said it was that pickup truck which ran down Marshall at Morningside Drive and North Lake Drive, about 900 feet from where he was playing basketball. Marshall was rushed to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

That same pickup truck was found Saturday by deputies. It had been ditched in a wooded area near the scene. Investigators said they impound the truck and performed a search. Deputies also executed a search warrant on Anderson’s home, but deputies said they don’t have anything solid that could lead them to Anderson. Deputies said his family has also not been too forthcoming with information on his whereabouts.

The U.S. Marshal’s Office has since joined the search for the suspect in this hit and run. Deputies said he should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees Anderson or has information in the case should contact 911 immediately.

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