More than half of all Georgia COVID-19 cases reported in last month

FOX 5 has been tracking the daily data about on-going coronavirus pandemic released by the Georgia Department of Public Health. With the release of Wednesday's new data, we're going to take a wider look at the changes over the past month to provide a better perspective. 

As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, the Georgia Department of Public Health reported 178,323 total confirmed cases, a 24-hour increase of 3,271. The total a month ago, on June 29, was 79,417. That means about 55% of all confirmed cases so far have been added just in the last month alone with an average increase of 3,6,11 new cases per day.

The number of daily tests the state has added each day has been mostly consistent with an average close to 25,000 a day added to the GDPH data set. The percentage of positive test results has risen nearly a full percentage point in the last month. As of Wednesday, the GDPH reported 10.8% of the 1,512,464 total tests taken so far have come back as positive. About 35% of all coronavirus tests in the GDPH data set were taken in the last month. That’s 531,972 tests.

The GDPH data also shows the number of reported deaths from the coronavirus in Georgia is at 3,642 as of Wednesday. While the daily reported deaths have not been consistent, it has remained in the double digits since April 8. Within the last 24-hours, another 79 deaths were reported, which is well above the daily average since last month at 31. Also since June 29, there have been 858 deaths accounting for about 24% of all deaths reported in the state since the start of the pandemic.

The GDPH reported 17,964 people have been hospitalized since the start of the pandemic. Wednesday, 3,188 patients were currently in the hospital, a 24-hour increase of 31. This number has been yoyoing between seeing a decrease followed by an increase the next day. For a better perspective, Wednesday’s hospitalizations are about a 52% increase over June 29 that saw 1,359 patients.

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