Collins, Jones to square off in 10th district runoff

The two remaining Republicans in the race for the 10th Congressional District have a little more than three weeks to convince voters to return to the polls and support them in a runoff June 21.

Mike Collins and Vernon Jones were the top two finishers in what was an eight-man race for the Republican nomination.

"We plan on getting out and really speaking to the public and just make sure they understand we gotta get you out one more time," explained Collins.

Collins led the race with almost 26% of the vote, while Jones got nearly 22%.

"I'm just going to go with my same ground game. I'm going to go with what got me here," said Jones.


Collins said the differences between him and his opponent are "stark."

"My opponent is nothing more than a corrupt, career politician," said Collins. "He is a Democrat who is from DeKalb County. I am born and raised and live and work right here in the 10th District--been here all my life." 

Jones recently switched parties after serving in the House of Representatives and as DeKalb County CEO as a Democrat.

"That's a person who doesn't have a record to campaign on," Jones shot back. "Matter of fact, his daddy was a Democrat. He was raised as a Democrat. So, the hypocrisy--he's a RINO liberal, but let's get to what's important. Again, people want to know who's going to go to Washington and fight for them." 

Collins' late father, Mac Collins, was a longtime Republican congressman, though he did begin his political career as a Democrat.

Both men said they have relied on grassroots, door-to-door campaigning to get their messages out and will continue to do so.

"It's just that good, hard work ethic and that steady messaging. So, we'll continue that. Get our people to turn out and turn back out for a second time and take this thing across the finish line in first place," said Collins.

"There are too many issues that people are confronted with right now and so, that's what they saw in me and they see that in me. That's why I excelled to the top and I'm excited about this and we're going to win on June 21st," said Jones.

Early voting begins June 13.