Man says he was fired from Clayton County jail for blowing whistles on 'major violations'

More accusations have surfaced against the embattled Clayton County sheriff. Lawyers for a number of current and former detainees at the jail want the county district attorney to launch her own investigation into Victor Hill. This was after a federal grand jury indicted Hill on civil rights charges.

A whistleblower claims he was fired after calling out problems at the jail. He said he pointed out what were major violations and then got fired.

"We had an inmate who stabbed another inmate, now we have another inmate going to the hospital," said Terry Evans, former Clayton County major.

Evans claims the Clayton County jail recently placed a murder suspect in the infirmary with another inmate details on lesser charges. 

"You don't put those inmates around regular detainees and you don't put them in the infirmary around nurses that have scissors and all kinds of stuff," Evans said.

He said the murder suspect made a weapon.

"He ended up stabbing a guy who had minor charges. He should've never been in the area."

Evans was a jail commander for a few days this summer. He said he was demoted when he reported what he said were major violations. He then got fired.

"As soon as I saw something that wasn't right and reported it, that's when the retaliation started against me," Evans said.

Evans and lawyers for several current and former detainees at the jail want Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley to launch an investigation. 

"The citizens need to know what’s going on," Evans said.

A federal grand jury indicted Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill on civil rights charges last April. He is accused of ordering deputies to strap detainees into restraint chairs for hours at the jail.

"We're here to ask Tasha Mosely to exercise her discretion under Georgia law to convene a grand jury," said lawyer Wayne Kendall.

Kendall said deputies beat his client so badly he had to be hospitalized.

"These deputies don't get a pass because they wear a brown uniform," Kendall said.

"Furious… furious," said Carli Whitaker, a mother of one of the detainees.

Whitaker said she is beyond angry.

"It's hurtful to think someone would hurt my child-- that's my son," Whitaker said.

Whitaker said back in 2019, a deputy beat up her son so badly at the jail, he had to be hospitalized.

"Picked him up by his neck, slammed him to the ground, punched him in his face, he was unconscious for several hours," Whitaker said.

Whitaker joined in the call for the DA to investigate.

"Whether they're innocent or guilty -- whichever -- they should be safe, they're worse inside of here than they are on the street," Whitaker said.

Governor Brian Kemp this past summer suspended Hill from office pending the outcome of the investigation.

FOX 5 reached out to the DA’s office for comment, but Mosely was unavailable. 

There was no immediate response to a request to comment on this story from Hill’s lawyers.