Gov. Brian Kemp suspends Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill after federal indictment

In an Executive Order Wednesday, Gov. Brian Kemp suspended Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill from office pending the outcome of a federal case against him.

The governor appointed a review commission on May 19 to comb through the federal indictment and decide whether the charges related to Hill's duties as sheriff and would negatively impact his ability to carry them out.  

The review commission included Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams, Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

The commission recommended suspension.

In April a federal grand jury indicted Hill for civil rights violations after he allegedly ordered deputies to strap detainees in restraint chairs for hours inside the Clayton County Jail.  

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Under state law, Hill's suspension will last until the conclusion of his case or the end of his current term, whichever comes first.  

Hill responded to his suspension on Facebook thanking people for the support he has received. 

"I will take this time to train and meditate so that when I return, any ground loss will be regained," Hill wrote. "Until then may God bless you all, and may he continue to bless Clayton County."

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