Man, daughter lucky to be alive after arsonist firebombs home

A DeKalb County grandfather says he is thankful to be alive after someone attempted to firebomb his house early Friday morning. 

Firefighters say the incendiary device was thrown into the home at about 3:30 a.m. while the man and his adult daughter were sleeping.

The 69-year-old homeowner, who didn't want us to show his face, says he is still stunned.

"The thought of that happening. Someone is trying to burn the house down. It's a terrible feeling," the retired DeKalb County property appraisal employee said. 

The violent act took place along Springside Drive in Decatur, and was caught on surveillance video.

"It exploded in the backyard and was thrown through the window. Whatever it was," the grandfather said. 

The Homeowner gave FOX 5 a look inside. He was asleep on the couch and narrowly escaped injury.

"It was just a crash through the window, and then I saw flames burning the curtains," the homeowner said.

The retired grandfather was startled and immediately started looking for his adult daughter.

"I jumped up, and I walked through the house knelling down. I did wake her. She was petrified," he revealed.

Arson investigators returned to the scene with a K-9 in tow. They are determined to find out who threw the Molotov cocktail-style device that could have burned the home.

DeKalb fire investigators are working this case as an arson. They say they want to talk to the man in the surveillance video.