High-speed chase ends when suspect crashes into historic Atlanta grocery store

A historic Atlanta building is still standing after it was damage following a police chase.

The owner of Little’s Food Store, Brad Cunard, says it happened around 1:30am Sunday morning. That’s when he says he got a call that a car hit his business.

According to the Georgia state patrol a trooper tried to stop a car for speeding on 1-20 West. The driver took off turning north on Boulevard and then heading onto Carroll Street.

The car hit several parked cars and businesses there, including Little’s, before the driver and passenger took off. Authorities say they have identified that driver.

 "I was pretty shook up I’ll be honest with you because this building is important to me and I think it’s important to Atlanta," Cunard explained.

"First thing I was thinking when I saw the accident, I can’t believe this has happened again. This is the second one, the second high-speed type of accident in the last month," he added.

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The owner of Little's posted these photos of the car crashed into the building to Facebook. (Credit: Little's Food Store, Facebook)

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Little’s has been around since 1929, operating out of its current building for decades. Cunard said the crash took out a bench out front, damaged the doors, and knocked out some bricks in the corner of the wall. A neighbor is helping them get that repaired.

"The doors I was really worried about because those are the historic doors to me. They’re the original doors for the store. Those doors are absolutely solid, and they managed to survive," Cunard said.

Luckily, Little's was able to stay open. Cunard also says insurance should cover most of the repairs.

"This is one of the last bits of old Atlanta left, and I want to help make it stay here. So, if the building had been shaken to where we could potentially lose a wall or have it crash down, that was going to be devastating to me," Cunard explained.

JenChan's on Carroll Street will be hosting a fundraiser on Wednesday, 2/8, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. to help with any additional repair costs.