Lenox Square management reveals new measures to keep shoppers safe

Management at Lenox Square said enough is enough after a violent year not just at the mall but in the area.

Management plans to install metal detectors to keep shoppers safe.

“Crime is literally out of control in Atlanta,” Robin Suggs said.

Lenox Square General Manager Robin Suggs said the crime is nothing like she’s seen before.

It’s been a violent year for the popular shopping attraction and the surrounding Buckhead area.

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“Homicides are trending at 150 already a year to date which is a two-decade high,” Suggs said.

So far, there have been five shooting incidents at the mall and several other break-ins.

Suggs said her team is making a big effort to beef up security to prevent future incidents.

“We have partnered with the Atlanta Police Department to create a police substation. We have police towers in the parking lot. We have over 200 cameras that’s tied to the Video Integration Center,” Suggs said.

According to management, millions of dollars have gone into the security upgrades at the mall.

Another addition has been K-9 units.

“The dogs were introduced in the last month and have been very beneficial in assisting the police department if they sense a weapon,” Suggs said.

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Metal detectors are on the way as well. Suggs didn’t know exactly when they would be installed but promised them very soon.

Lenox Square is a weapon-free zone.

“We are adding metal detection technology so if an individual is detected via canine or medal detection they are approached by a police officer,” Suggs said.

Suggs is in constant contact with Atlanta City Council President Felecia Moore, the Buckhead Coalition, and other community groups.

“If you’re thinking about committing a crime a Lenox, you’re likely to be caught,” Suggs said.

Suggs said her goal is to keep shoppers safe.

“Lenox has always been a landmark premier shopping center and we can’t lose that. Buckhead can’t lose that,” Suggs said. 

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