Kidney donor surprises McIntosh High School’s athletic director

McIntosh High School’s athletic director got a surprise announcement on Tuesday. During a school meeting at the Fayette County school, Leon Hammond got a surprise visit from the man who had stepped up to offer him a new kidney.

When Hammond was called to the library, he thought he was getting an athletic award. However, things became even more special when he realized what was really going on.

Hammond was recently named the AAAAA Region 3 Director of the Year. So, a small celebration was not out of the question with some cupcakes, a speech, and congratulations all around. However, that was before Alan Reeves came forward.

The two men do not know each other before this moment, but they soon will share a special bond. Reeves handed Hammond a letter to read. That letter describes how Reeves is a match for Hammond in his search for a kidney transplant.

The events were kept secret from most of the high school staff, so even they were surprised to hear the emotional news.

Reeves is a U.S. Secret Service agent, but many years ago, he was a Peachtree City policeman and the school resource at McIntosh High School. He says his wife read of Hammond’s need for a transplant, so he decided to get tested. Out of ten possible candidates, it came down to him.

Hammond says he was about to make a desperate move last week and order car magnets that read "I need a kidney donation." Piedmont Hospital told him to wait.

The transplant is scheduled for this February at the Piedmont Transplant Institute in Atlanta.