Hershel Walker campaigns with prominent Republicans amid fallout over abortion allegations

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Herschel Walker brought two big names in the GOP to West Georgia on Tuesday afternoon, in an apparent effort to bounce back from explosive allegations that he paid for a former lover’s abortion.

Sens. Rick Scott and Tom Cotton campaigned with Walker in a parking lot in Carrollton, a Republican stronghold.

Walker said the allegations against him were a coordinated attack.  

"You heard them trying to separate my family," Walker told the crowd of about a hundred. "They’ll do whatever it takes, say whatever they have to say because they want this seat right here, but I don’t think they know that they woke up a bear. I’m not just a dog now, I’m a bear."


Walker’s son Christian tweeted last week that the allegations against his father were true.

Despite the controversy, Sen. Cotton of Arkansas said that the party’s priority is flipping control of the Senate, pointing to Sen. Raphael Warnock’s alignment with the Biden administration.

"Herschel walker is going to help build a Republican majority in the United States Senate," Cotton told the crowd.

The Daily Beast first reported the allegations that Walker, who’s in favor of a complete abortion ban, paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion and offered to pay for a second one. Walker has denied the story and vowed to sue the website, although it’s not clear if he has made good on that promise.

He also pledged to attend Friday’s sole debate against his incumbent opponent Warnock.

"Come Friday, you better watch it. There’s going to be a debate," he told the crowd. "There’s going to be a debate and I told him to quit running from me. Quit running ‘cause I will catch you."

He claimed that Warnock’s policies have made Georgia more dangerous and have worsened inflation and the humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

Walker did not take questions from reporters at the event, but Sen. Scott told the media to expect more national GOP heavy hitters in Georgia to stump for Walker in the coming weeks.

Warnock was slated to appear at a meet and greet with voters in Atlanta Tuesday evening.