Henry County mobile home residents describe Thursday's storm: 'I was going to die'

Crews are working to clean up in Henry County after fallen trees crushed multiple mobile homes.

Those who live there believe a tornado come through their Locust Grove community behind the Tanger Outlets and busy Interstate 75.

The hum of chainsaws filled the air in Locust Grove on Friday as many came together to clear trees and debris.

The sheer power of Thursday’s storm evident as many trailer homes in the Indian Creek Mobile Home community are damaged or destroyed. 

"I could hear the trees popping and banging, and I thought that we were all gone," Susie King said. 

"I was going to die," Hugh Baker said. 


For those like Susie King and Hugh Baker, who live in the community, they are grateful to be alive.

"A tree fell on my bedroom, and it scared the hell out of me and my dog," Baker said.

Baker and his dog were the only ones inside their home when the storm came through.

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A powerful storm in Henry County caused damage to several mobile homes on Jan. 12, 2023. (FOX 5)

A tree came crashing down onto his bedroom knocking him to the floor. 

"When it crushed the bedroom it knocked me on the floor, and we crawled into the bathroom and me and him got into the bathtub," Baker said. 

"I just kept saying, ‘God be with me.’ That’s all you can do, and were my neighbors OK because I didn’t know if any of us were going to make it out," Susie King said.

A little up the road is where Susie King lives. King was alone and praying in her bathroom. Her home has damage to the roof which minor compared to the others in the area.

"I got up and went outside and this place right here. Everyone was coming out of their houses, climbing over everything that you see right here. They were into people’s houses, they were yelling," King said.


King described the scene where everyone was helping others immediately after the storm passed.

"Behind this one, there were three people trapped in the bathroom. They came out of the first one (trailer), and they just kept hearing people yell, ‘Help! Help!’ And they went over, and were trapped by trees," King said.

Friday, men and women from all backgrounds came together to help strangers clean up. 

King said that’s a testament to their community.

"Some people have bad things to say about mobile home parks. I don’t know where they live but where we live we have some good people," King said.

The National Weather Service says they will be out in Butts, Henry, Newton, and Jasper counties on Saturday to survey the damage and determine if the damage was caused by a tornado or straight-line winds.