Good Day Atlanta viewer information: June 3, 2024

Jane Krakowski dishes on new season of "Name That Tune": Jane Krakowski is a Tony-winning Broadway star and an Emmy-nominated television actress — but once upon a time, she was just a kid watching "Name That Tune."

"I grew up watching it and loved it," recalls Krakowski. "We were definitely the family yelling at the TV, trying to name all the tunes before the other people in my family. We may have had homemade buzzers on the coffee table!"

And that’s why Krakowski says it’s so exciting hosting the FOX revival of the classic game show, which returns tonight for a fourth season (and has already been renewed for a fifth). Alongside Grammy winner Randy Jackson, Krakowski leads contestants through an always-hilarious battle of musical knowledge in each episode — and, yes, the host says she’s playing along in her head the entire time.


"The 1% Club" Hosted by actor and comedian Patton Oswalt: It's already a big hit in countries throughout Europe – and now, the game show sensation "The 1% Club" is coming to America.

Hosted by actor and comedian Patton Oswalt, "The 1% Club" premieres on FOX Monday night and features a hundred contestants answering a series of challenging logic-based questions, narrowing down the field to those who can answer the question only 1% of Americans answer correctly.


Dr. Neil Winawer shares the latest in health news: Since we discussed bird flu last week, another farmworker in the United States has been found to be infected, making three cases of humans in connection with an ongoing outbreak in dairy cattle. Emory University's Dr. Neil Winawer shared the latest news with Alex Whittler.

"Horizon: An American Saga" starring Kevin Costner: The new film series is a sweeping Western epic that unfolds the origin of the American West through the grand storytelling tradition and visionary direction of Kevin Costner. Set against the visually stunning landscape of the vast frontier, "Horizon: An American Saga" provides a thought-provoking and unforgiving look at America’s past in an unmissable cinematic spectacle of scope, scale and character-driven emotion that can only be experienced on the big screen.

Country singer Kelsey Hart brings the heat with his red-hot summer anthem, "Burn my Summer": On his debut album, Kelsey Hart keeps the country tradition alive with originals honoring his wife and father, alongside cleverly penned odes to heartbreak, longnecks and backroads. The centerpiece of the album, however, arrives in the form of the viral title-cut ("Life With You"), the Kentucky native’s real-life first-dance wedding song and current radio single.

Mani Millss talks the latest in entertainment headlines: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh is dropping Pitt from her last name. Mani Mills has the details