Jane Krakowski dishes on new season of 'Name That Tune'

Jane Krakowski is a Tony-winning Broadway star and an Emmy-nominated television actress — but once upon a time, she was just a kid watching "Name That Tune."

"I grew up watching it and loved it," recalls Krakowski. "We were definitely the family yelling at the TV, trying to name all the tunes before the other people in my family. We may have had homemade buzzers on the coffee table!"

And that’s why Krakowski says it’s so exciting hosting the FOX revival of the classic game show, which returns tonight for a fourth season (and has already been renewed for a fifth). Alongside Grammy winner Randy Jackson, Krakowski leads contestants through an always-hilarious battle of musical knowledge in each episode — and, yes, the host says she’s playing along in her head the entire time.

"I think initially when I was new to hosting the show, I was kind of very devoted to my cards and the answers and things," Krakowski says. "Now I feel like I can look at the answer a little bit later … so I can play along."

As for her own musical knowledge, Krakowski says she’s pretty solid on show tunes — she’s performed on Broadway many times, after all, in hits including "Starlight Express," "Grand Hotel," "Nine," and "She Loves Me." But it turns out the actress also has a love for 80s pop, which provides a unique connection to her "Name That Tune" co-star.

"I have to say, those years when the Walkman came out, I was really into REO Speedwagon and Foreigner," laughs Krakowski. "And Randy Jackson happened to produce most of those …so, Randy and I have a tie that goes way back!"

You can catch an all-new "Name That Tune" Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta — and click the video player in this article to hear more of our one-on-one interview with the great Jane Krakowski.