Georgia voting law changes are OK with Americans, 42% to 36%: poll

More Americans support Georgia’s new voting law than oppose it, according to a poll.

The law that prompted Major League Baseball to relocate this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver was supported by 42% of survey respondents while 36% percent opposed it, according to Morning Consult.

In addition, less than 40% of the adults surveyed supported MLB’s move to relocate the game, the organization reported.

Support for the relocation was stronger, however, among self-described MLB fans (48%) and among self-described "avid" MLB fans (62%), the results said.

Gov. Brian Kemp signs Georgia's new Republican-led election law.

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Other results appeared to show a clear divide between respondents based on their political affiliation.

For example, 65% of Democrats favored the game being relocated while only 14% of Republicans approved of the move.

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Among independents, the most frequent response to the game’s relocation was "Don’t know/No opinion," with 43% of independents answering that way. Supporters and opponents were equally split, 29% to 29% among the non-affiliated.

As for racial lines, a quarter of Whites and a quarter of people of color both supported the relocation of the game, while opposition to the move was stronger among Whites, with 32% in opposition versus 20% for people of color.

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