Fulton County judge increases cash bond for alleged cop shooter is $6.5 million

A Fulton County judge sets to more than $6.5 million cash bond for an alleged cop shooter.

The decision comes after outrage from police and the district attorney over that judge initially granting him a bond earlier this week.

On Thursday, Judge Alexandra Manning stated several times that Christian Eppinger is not getting out of jail. She upped his bond on Thursday after Fulton County's Deputy District Attorney presented all the prosecution's evidence - some of which was not provided when bond was initially granted.

"Everything today from Ms. Convery is nothing that was not already available to them," one of Eppinger's defense attorney's told the judge during a virtual court hearing Thursday.


There are questions from both of Eppinger's defense attorneys and the court about why the DA's office didn't present all of its information regarding Eppinger’s criminal history during the first bond hearing earlier this week.

"So I'm just trying to figure out where the change of circumstances happen that would warrant a new decision and a rehearing," one of the defense attorney's stated. 

Deputy District Attorney Cara Convery went on to say that "I agree that this information was available to the state. Again, I'm asking that you consider it because it's the truth about the totality of his criminal history. "

During Thursday's hearing, the Deputy DA argued against Eppinger's bond telling the court about his lengthy criminal record, his bond revocation and alleged infractions while in jail including failure to comply.

"He actually sets the fire inside the Fulton County Jail. That's February, I'm sorry, March the 28th, 2022. And he admitted to doing so that he wouldn't have to relocate housing units," Convery explained. 

Eppinger was charged with shooting an Atlanta police officer six times back in February.

At the time, APD officer David Rogers  was trying to take the 22-year-old into custody on an outstanding warrant for aggravated robbery and assault.

"The question before this court is what, if anything, did this client, Mr. Eppinger, do between the moment you gave bond on Monday? That would affect a yellow factor that would require a revocation of The original bond," his attorney asked. 

Officer David Rogers

Officer David Rodgers (Atlanta Police Department)

Judge Manning also asked the prosecution why much of that information wasn’t presented at the hearing earlier this week when she granted Eppinger bond.

"I don't know, judge, it should have bee I did some additional work myself, so some of this is not necessarily things that ADA's find out routinely. A special prosecutor should have been before you at that Hearing to present you with the most complete set of information available," Convery asked. 

Today, Judge Manning acknowledged that she's taking some heat saying her job is very hard, but she's fair.

She ultimately decided to increase Eppinger's cash bond to $6.5 million.