Federal trial continues in Fulton County commissioner sex scandal

The woman who filed the whistleblower complaint revealing that Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall was having sex with her chief of staff testified in court.

The woman says she ended her relationship with Calvin Brock once she realized he was sleeping with Commissioner Hall.

Camilla Harris is a former girlfriend of former chief of staff Calvin Brock.

Harris told the court the commissioner interfered in her relationship with Brock and she says the elected official meddling was the reason the relationship ended.

Harris, who is a business owner and mother, says she called her boyfriend Brock in March 2020, but it was Commissioner Hall who answered the phone.

Harris says the Commissioner would not give her name but claimed she was Brock’s fiancée.

Harris said she told Hall during that phone call, "I will handle this with Brock and you just ended his career."

Ms. Harris told the court later that day, she began receiving text messages from an untraceable number stating that Brock had spent the night with the unidentified woman.

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Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall (FOX 5)

The 44-year-old said she hired a private investigator to figure out who was texting her. She says the PI told her the untraceable number came back to Commissioner Hall.

Harris told the court she is the one who filed this anonymous complaint about the sexual affair between Hall and Brock on the Fulton County whistleblower hotline.

County auditor Anthony Nicks testified that he never investigated the complaint because it came into the county on an employee tip line and Harris was not an employee.

The day ended after a psychologist testified Friday.

He said that Calvin Brock was depressed, withdrawn from society and that type of isolation could lead to suicidal thoughts.

Mr. Brock’s EEOC complaint alleging sexual harassment, wrongful termination and demanding back pay will continue next week.

Administrative law Judge Jason Patill is presiding.