Father of beaten Clayton County boy speaks out

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The father of the boy who police said was beaten for not being able to count to 15 said he is heartbroken over the death of his son. The family said it was shocked because they never saw any previous signs of abuse.

“If I could see anything, mine could be here. If could have got to thing. I got two more babies,” said Dedrick Alford.

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Alford broke down in tears, asking himself why no one told him what was going on. Six days ago, medics rushed his son DJ to the hospital, where he died. The cause of death is still not known, but what Alford and his family have learned is DJ was abused the day he died.

“I talked to him Tuesday and not once did he say daddy this is going on,” said Alford.

According to an arrest warrant, the abuse took place after DJ failed to count to 15.

“If he’s under pressure, you’re standing over him hollering, of course he is going to stumble. That’s something you did because you wanted to do,” said the little boy’s father said.

Alford also learned this week the man living with his child was charged with aggravated assault. Just two weeks before DJ died, a judge sentenced his stepfather, Dontavious Carter to five years’ probation with no jail time.

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“Knowing the man could be in prison and my son could still be living. I hope the judge feels bad. It could have saved one child by taking him away. He would have never caused this,” said Alford.

Alford is focused on getting his two girls back and said he does not have time to focus negative attention on the man accused of abusing his child, but he said his hearts go out to all of the families involved.

As for DJ’s mother, Shronda Parks, Dedrick asked for prayers for her

“No what, what role she played. If she did. I know she is really hurting. I lost my only boy, she lost her only boy too,” said Alford.

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