Mother shares photos of son killed after basketball game at Tri-Cities High School

One of two students critically injured in a shooting and stabbing after a high school basketball game Friday night has died, according to the Tri-Cities High School principal.

Mario Bailey, a 10th grader, was identified as the East Point student who was shot and died.

The other victim has also been identified as a student, but their name has not been released. It's not clear what condition they are currently in.

Principal Dr. Ethel Lett warned parents they may notice their child is affected in different ways by the events that took place Friday night.

"You may see your child feeling sad, upset, angry, shocked, numb, or unsafe," Lett said in a letter sent to parents. "" Please know that we are taking steps to increase safety personnel and resources including our Evolv concealed weapons detection system and additional Fulton County Schools Police Officers," 

Lett said the school will be offering in-person and virtual support for any student who needs a listening ear.

"Thank you for supporting our students during this difficult time," Lett said. "We ask that you keep the family of Mario Bailey in your thoughts along with the Tri-Cities family."

A GoFundMe has been established by Mario Bailey's mother, Shanice Bailey, to pay for funeral expense. Note: FOX 5 Atlanta does not endorse or vet any GoFundMe accounts. Donate at your own risk.